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About Breakthrough Regenerative Orthopedics

Sports Medicine & Non-Surgical Orthopedic Physicians located in Boulder and Centennial, CO


At BREAKTHROUGH REGENERATIVE ORTHOPEDICS, everything is different. From inception to opening, we have been intentional about creating a warm environment that encourages your recovery. Gone is the sterility and rush of the typical medical clinic. In its place we have built a light-filled healing space that is epitomized by the first picture we placed on the wall- that of the sun rising over the Front Range, viewed from the Flatirons of Boulder.

The sunrise epitomizes what we aim to provide for each of our clients- the hope that rises afresh with a new day dawning and the opportunity for HEALING and RESTORATION.

We have a PASSION for "getting it right" and "getting you back to your BEST SELF"! We work hard to get to the root of your problem. We believe YOU should be at the CENTER of your health care team and thus we work with like-minded professionals who share those values.

We'll be straightforward with you. INTEGRITY is one of our core values. We treat you how we'd want one of our own FAMILY to be treated- with COMPASSIONATE CARE and EXCELLENCE.

We take an hour with each new patient to ensure we have the time it takes to hear your story, perform a complete physical exam, review relevant imaging, and likely perform a precise diagnostic ultrasound in order to make an accurate diagnosis. We try our best to answer the many questions that come up. If we can't unravel the picture in that first hour, we'll see you back in an effort to get as accurate a diagnosis as possible and get remaining questions answered. If we don't think we're the right doctors for your situation, we'll be honest and recommend the best place for you.

If needed, we may recommend a precision ultrasound-guided diagnostic injection to confirm the diagnosis. We may order more imaging or laboratory studies. We provide recommended supplements that can assist in the healing process, and consultations to vetted affiliated providers with specializations across the spectrum of physical therapy, orthotics and bodywork.

We will strive to arrive at an accurate diagnosis or diagnoses. Only after making an accurate diagnosis can one come up with a sound and rational treatment plan. With that, we have many and various treatment options that we can offer with the ever-present goal of helping you attain the stability, strength and function needed to maintain or re-gain your active lifestyle.